How To Add Personal Touch to Your Best Man Speech

Published: 05th October 2011
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So your best mate is getting married, and in the middle of planning (enjoying) the bachelor party is has occurred to you that tradition dictates you give one of the wedding toasts, but you have no clue where to start and are now furiously googling "Best Man Speeches"? Have no worries. Go step by step through the following suggestions and you will be guaranteed to present a humorous, heartfelt and appropriate speech.

When thinking of how to start out, try complimenting the bride, the couple or the wedding either directly or by saying that you are truly happy to be there. Itís an easy opening, a crowd pleaser, and gives people a few extra seconds to settle down before you get into the content.

Next you may want to give a nod to how long you have known the groom, you can talk about what he thought he wanted in a woman growing up, how he has grown in maturity as a person, or how his friendship has affected who you are (heartfelt nod to the relationship you have with him).

Then transition into how he changed, or his life changed (for the better) when he met the bride, started dating the bride, or finally asked the bride to marry him - this is a perfect place for humor giving nods to things like "better style sense" "actually doing the dishes" or "realizing the purpose of a work-life balance"; this should not include any reference to topics that would make the bride blush in front of her parents. Truly appreciated are anecdotes (positive ones) retelling some of the first dates or big moments in their relationship from your perspective. This has the positive impact of speaking to the meaning of the day and giving each of them another perspective of their start. At one wedding a best man actually read an e-mail/note that had been sent to him after a first date, and at another a best man read a copy of a letter the groom had written the bride when they started to fall in love.

Lastly best man speeches should be ended with praise for the bride in the form of telling the groom how lucky he truly is to have found the type of relationship they have and a woman or lady who is so elegant and gorgeous.

That end will signal the rest of the crowd to complete the toast by sipping their champagne, and leave a positive impression on the wedding couple and wedding party as a whole.

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